The Program

Our program and the Living Myth we’re creating are intertwined. Workshops and Rituals central to the core theme are presented in a story format (following The Story Thus Far…). Additional panels, workshops, and rituals are presented afterward. A full program detailing days and times will be available onsite.

The red portions are the workshops and rituals themselves. Read it all the way through to see how they tie into the whole story!

We carry with us the sacred hearthfire, the heart of the tribe. The ancients believed that everything in the mundane world was held to have it’s counterpart in the archetypical world of sacred reality. The true home, our tribal land, lays just beyond the Veil. But in ThisWorld we wander as nomads. Only so much can be done, when all of our accomplishments lay untethered to be cast upon the winds. It is time to place roots. It is time to call forth the true home of our sacred reality, and manifest it in the here and now. The tribe is ready to come home. But where?

With a whirl of blades and the thrash of drums, we bring new life into home of the ancestors. The tribe sings to the earth, hoping to awaken those slumbering spirits who may have thought themselves forgotten.
Registration (Doors open 5pm) • Meet and greet • Prudence Priest • Allegonda Heesakkers • The Heather Dale Band • Getting everyone settled and comfortable. Seeing new faces and catching up with old friends. Will include performances by Prudence Priest, tribal belly dancing by Allegonda Heesakkers, and the Heather Dale Band.

A little note about Heather Dale. “Heather finds new insight within old material, and cheerfully fuses the Celtic folk tradition with a healthy mix of world music and rock influences.”

No matter where we rest our heads,
the sacred HearthFire acts as a beacon to draw the tribe as one. In the ruins of the past, we mingle the ashes of yesterday, with burning hope of tomorrow.
Opening Ritual • Blessing of the fire. We will ask people from different traditions to offer their blessings. We will also offer the chance for folk to “tend” the fire throughout the nights as part of their ritual experience, if they wish.
But things are not as they once were.
Where once we howled at the moon, now dark spirits roam with abandon. Even the land herself shudders in the face of an impending threat. We must show them reverence and consideration for their trials to come. Best to lay low, biding our time and gathering knowledge. Now is the time for us to remember the past – to entertain the tribe and the spirits through stories, music and good conversation.
The Community • We encourage you to share your acoustic talent around the fire! Guitars, flutes, stories, dances (…) welcome!

Sorry, no amplified music or loud group drumming after 11pm due to noise restrictions.
How can we know where we going if we don’t know where we are?
We raise our eyes to the heavens. The celestial canvas unfolds like clockwork, revealing hints of the
divine order of Creation.
Midnight Workshop with Andy Biggers • In this workshop, Andy will discuss the night sky, seasonal calendars, and time keeping from the perspective of practitioners of the Northern Tradition. In recent years, little attention has been paid to passing along this important lore which, in truth, was the bedrock upon which much of ancient society operated. It is hoped that this workshop will go some way toward remedying this situation.

This is part of a workshop series, building upon the foundational elements studied at NLG 2012.
Newcomers are welcome, but be prepared to hit the ground running.

Poetry is more than words. Poetry is what’s left when words break down. Often more can be said with silence than with speaking. Still the flurry of our everyday lives, hush the business of the active mind, and listen to the whisper of their inner self.
Matt Knight • Matt is a 4th degree black belt in Akido. This Aikido workshop will focus on internal energy, universal connectivity, and applying these principles to your every day life.
The tribe has much to discuss. Poets go by many names.
In history they’ve been known as bards, skalds, storytellers, and artists. But the Poet isn’t a professions, it’s a way of understanding and being in tune with Creation. Fields as diverse as Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Contruction, Marketing and Customer Service have all had their share of true Poets. For poets all have one thing in common – the ability to listen, and a profound awareness that things are rarely what they seem. And it doesn’t take the sensitivty of a Poet to realize the summer has been particularly hot and unforgiving. Withered crops and the promise of a bleak harvest tell the story well enough. Perhaps the tribe was too hasty in the killing of the Winter King? With the scales tipped, could we come to regret what’s to follow?
The Community • Discuss, learn, and share. We’re offering several open venues for people to come together in a collective learning environment. The springboard for each discussion will be chosen by the group, from a list of relevant and topical subjects of strong interest to the community.
Khaman • Ceremonial drummers are familiar with the phenomenon known as “hearing the voices in the drums”, inexplicable notes that emerge from the gestalt of the drum circle. This course will cover beginning to advanced drumming rhythms. Willing participants can learn to play a part for contributing in the Main ritual. Don’t have a Drum? No Problem! We will have several on-hand.
Every place, person and thing has a story to be told.
Those with keen ears for listening can often pull them from the whisper of the wind, the rustling of leaves, or the sigh of rain drops. Stories are meant to be told, and with no one to hear or tell them, they wither and die like orphans. Some stories are unpleasant to tell, but they must be given voice none the less. We’re all gifted with the ability to hear the voices of the unspoken. We all have the ability to cast aside the noise of the everyday, and listen to the whispering wellspring of life. But some are more attuned than others. They are the Oracles, who speak neither for Gods or the dead, but for everything in Creation that transcends common speech or understanding. Do you hear the whispers? Can you recall the stories long forgotten by the living, or those never spoken? The true home beckons, like a Siren beckonning to the sailors on a perilous Odyssey. And like the sailors, our journey is not without it’s dangers. Who amongst us will take the first footsteps to more profound understanding?
Ritual/Workshop • We will be searching for the Poet, or more accurately, the Poet will be searching for his or herself. The Poet will stand beside our Champion in the emerging fabric of our living myth. The Poet is the second of the heroic archetypes that represent the tribe and a key aspect of each of us as individuals. The workshop will symbolicly represent a shamanic journey through the Otherworlds, corresponding to a psychological model of human awareness. There will be key locations where participants will make decisions that shed light on their own understanding of themselves. By the end of the journey, every participant will walk away with something new to reflect one, and our Poet will rise to choose themselves for the next journey to come.

This is not a passive ritual/workshop. It’s interactive – the participants ARE the ritual. They will be travelling to up to nine locations over the course of the event. Each of the locations is a ritual in-and-of itself, as is the journeying between locations. As with many things in life, participants will get out of it what they’ve chosen to put into it.

We came seeking help from the land spirits,
but they have troubles of their own. The land spirits are under siege. The land is threatened with destruction. Like the stories of old, a bull rages, sowing destruction in it’s wake. It is fueled by the uncontested King of Summer. So strong and mighty is the bull, how while the tribe be able to stop it? Where swords and axes fail, perhaps music could soothe the savage beast?

We gather as a community.
We gather as one – the tribe, the ancestors, and the spirits of the land.
Building Bridges • A mini “Pagan Elders Roast” featuring Gus Croteau. Building bridges is proud to present the second installment of our version of the hollywood celebrity Roasts. Join us as we honour one of our Elders within our community.
We live in the now, and dance like there’s no tomorrow!
Cutting Bracken • Playing together for many years, Cutting Bracken plays traditional Scottish and Irish tunes, lending a deep appreciation for and commitment to traditional instrumentation, including bagpipes, whistles, bohdran, guitars and accordion. From Celtic airs, to Scottish marches, jigs and reels, they bring the feeling of standing on the outer Hebrides overlooking the Highlands and the North Sea to every event they play. Cutting Bracken plays both small and large private engagements, pubs, barns and festivals of all sorts.
As darkest night blankets the land, there is more work yet to be done. Some prepare, while others rest their weary limbs and share camraderie by the fire.
The Community • We encourage you to share your acoustic talent around the fire! Guitars, flutes, stories, dances (…) welcome!

Sorry, no amplified music or loud group drumming after 11pm due to noise restrictions.
Listen to the voice of the spirits through the rustling leaves,
the wind on the hill. The tribe has come seeking answers from the ghosts of memories and the spirits of the land. But such relationships require an exchange, the spirits have their own goals and dreams, beyond simply servicing our curiosity and desires. We have honoured them, and helped to strengthen their land. But as they have given us their hospitality, we should in turn do the same. At blackest night, when the Veil between worlds lay at it’s thinnest, the elders of the tribe seek to build a gateway between the ancient lands and the true home of our sacred reality.
Midnight Ritual • The intentions for this ritual are to afford everone an opportunity to reconnect with the land spirits on the site – those that our community had worked with (and relied upon) for over a quarter of a century. We are going to celebrate them and in doing so, remind that their profound contribution to our past spiritual development has not been forgotten. Likewise, we are gong to call upon our ancestors who watch over our community and to thank them for their guidance and protection.

The beauty of the land shines with natural majesty.
Having strengthened old friendships and alliances, we can take the opportunity to listen to the stories of the land itself.
Laurie Benson • Take a nature walk with Laurie Benson, in the morning while it is quiet and beautiful, to see what the land that I learned from has yet to teach me, that I can teach to others! We will also keep an eye open for edible mushrooms as I know quite a few that grow on site!
The tribe packs, ready to depart on the final leg of their journey.
Our time here has been a fruitful one. We’ve given back to the land that has nourished us for so long. We’ve given our respects to the ancestors. And in turn, we’ve been given a guide to lead us to the true home.
Closing Ritual • This closes the second chapter of The Champion in Winter Cycle. For NLG 2013, we’ll be returning to the Windswept plains of Mansfield for some unfinished business with the now deceased King of Winter (the frost giant beheaded at NLG 2012). Then, with much awaited anticipation, the tribe will be settling into pagan-owned campground for HF 2013!

Prudence Priest •
Dee Sefranka-Hoskin • The gals and others who sing and dress up to put a little harmony into street action, rebellion and social activism. Songs to lead us into the fray with a smile on our face. An introduction into what makes these girls tick, and a few of the songs appropriate to pagan folk.

Laurie Benson • No buying imported exotics, who needs Frankincense and Myrrh – we try to keep to the 100 mile diet, why not in our incense making?!” I will show the “Tinder Fungus” used for thousands of years to smolder incense or fire (no charcoal chemical patties!) and talk about the different attributes of locally sourced incense herbs and blends.
Prudence Priest •
Dee Sefranka-Hoskin • Trapped emotions have resonance but can be released – an introduction to the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Christin Dennis • At Northern Lights Gathering 2012,
Christin Dennis Shared a beautiful tale with us. This tale was accompanied by the entrancing sound of his Native American flute. In this workshop Christin will be showing us how to make, tune, and decorate our own Native American flutes. You will leave this workshop with your own playable flute.

*****There is limited space for this workshop. Please note that there is a $40 fee for this workshop for materials.*****
Matt Knight • Learn how to move and the flow of attack & defence using the Japanese sword. Geared towards a wide age range. A limited number of bokken will be supplied, so bring your own if you have one.

Ancestral Relationships and the art of Idol-making
Emilie Boisvert • Establish good ancestral relationships through the art of Idol-making. Your ancestors are your closest link beyond the veil. They are your predecessors and your family of personal Elders. Establishing your root connections with your ancestors requires time and dedication just like any relationship you have in the here and now.

In this workshop, we will talk about ancient ancestral relationships through the art of making miniature idols which you will be able to carry with you and confide in wherever you go. Through guided meditation, we will attempt to become inspired by those who encircle us daily and work towards building/continuing good and sound relationships with them.