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    ...and only by participating in this divine life,
    would they truly become human.
    The ancients believed that everything in the mundane world,
    was held to have its counterpart in the archetypical world of sacred reality.
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    We are creating a living myth.
    We are reawakening our understanding.
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    It's about connecting
    Experiencing the magic and wonder of Creation.
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    It's about learning
    Getting a deeper understanding of the world around us.
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    It's about Community
    We're building a tribe.
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    It's about respect
    For the land, our families, our community, and the ancestors.
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    It's about spirituality
    Engaging in ritual and discussion that matters.
    ...it`s a 37 year blueprint.
    Each event is part
    of an ongoing ritual,
    building one upon the other...
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    It's about sustainability
    Our menu is grown locally, harvested and prepared throughout the year.
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    Join us in laughter and love, to celebrate the poetry of Creation.

A new Cycle begins! Our last event, Northern Lights Gathering 2015, was the epic finale to our first 3½ year Cycle, the Champion in Winter. This HearthFire 2015 will be the first chapter in a new saga, the Seeker in Spring! We'll be divulging snippets and updating this site over the next three months, as the event evolves. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop!
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