Tome of the Hearth: A Champion In Winter Cycle (7 Event Hero’s Journey)

Come join is in a living myth! Tribal Hearth would like to extend a welcome to old friends and new. We’ve been asked if those that haven’t been to the first few Tribal Hearth events would feel lost in the story line. Not at all! Every event is self contained, full of rituals and workshops as well as being part of the greater myth. In every good story people come and go, some stay for a moment and some see the story through to its completion. How we choose to participate is up to each of us.

The Story Thus Far…



Tome of the Hearth

Although you have to see the book itself to get the true experience, here’s a sneek peak of the unfolding story…

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pg. 7 pg. 8 pg. 9 pg. 10 pg. 11
pg. 12 pg. 13 pg. 14 pg. 15 pg. 16
pg. 17 pg. 18 pg. 19 pg. 20 pg. 21
pg. 22 pg. 23 pg. 24 pg. 25 pg. 26
pg. 27 pg. 28 pg. 29 pg. 30 pg. 31

The pages for NLG 2014 and HF 2014 are currently under development.
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